July 4, 2018

Reformics Scholar – School Management Software

Reformics Scholar is a School Management System that integrates and automates the process followed by a school. Scholar is suitable for managing the entire ecosystem of the Institute from anywhere anytime. Maintain the record of Admission, Fees Transactions and Route wise Transport charges.

School Management

  • Multiple Payment Solution Pre Integrated with no paperwork.
  • No separate integration with Payment providers.
  • Students/Parents can make Online Fees Payments.
  • No Need to handover Cash or Cheques to the student.
  • All major debit cards, bank account, credit cards accepted for Fee Payment.
  • Reformics SMS Very easy to implement and you can design your own Fees Structure.
  • It provides the complete update on child’s academic & administrative activities to the relevant stakeholders.
  • User-friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills one-stop shop offing for Educational Segment.
  • Dedicated Relationship, Operation and Client Servicing teams to engage closely for managing products/Services requirements end- to- end.
  • Increase your profitability and efficiency as well.
  • Save Teachers time and workload by 90%.
  • No need to write all the indicators of students again and again for every student.
  • All the indicators already entered, the teacher just has to tick the student’s indicators and all the calculations will be done automatically.
  • The teacher can change or modify any student’s particulars on the spot.

Key Features Of Reformics Scholar


This module enables you to deal with the admissions of the considerable number of all the students effectively alongside student’s details like personal details, past school information, birth certificate and report card with identification estimated photograph and etc. It reduces the paperwork and it’s also a time-saving process. Also, It provides better bulk data storage of student with easiness.


This module is specifically designed for effective maintenance of the transportation in schools. It handles various types of issues like optimum utilization of school transport, the driver’s details and manage the route as well. Along with, provides the better security for students and parents with it’s tracking feature.


Attendance Module maintains a quick and accurate record of student’s attendance. You can generate the whole attendance reports and summary of each student. Based on the presence percentage report, students can be allowed to sit in the examinations and in other activities. Reformics SMS handles all aspects of school management with simplicity and efficiency.

Fee Management

This module allows you to manage all the activities related to Student’s Fees like fees receipt generation, fees payment etc. It provides a fully customizable fee structure to modify the fees according to different conditions and standards and after that functionality of that payment as well.


Accounts module of Reformics Scholar provides a very effective solution for the accounts department using various functionalities like Ledger, Bank Book, Cash Book, Trial Balance, Income, bank deposit/withdrawal, credit/debit note and payment. It can be tracked all types of accounting transactions and automatically reflects in the books of accounts.


There may be so many different types of activities / competitions like – writing competition, sports competition, dance competition, drawing competition, essay writing competition, quiz competition etc. in schools for students. So, this module is used to make any kind of certificates for the students according to the activity.

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Having a query regarding School Management Software features or if you are interested to know more about Reformics Scholar Software functionalities, you may reach us at sales@infimindglobal.com and we will get back to you shortly.