May 29, 2018

Sales and Distribution

Sales and Distribution Module gives you the flexibility to concentrate on your business to grow dynamically w.r.t. your budgeting and business expansion. It also provides you reporting and analysis to focus on grey areas. Performance of Sales Executives is analysed enabling crystal clear transparency between management and team.

sales and distribution

Sales and Distribution Module gives inside and out understanding into the principal business procedure of sales and distribution for example enquiry, request, rates and taxation, orders, client credit, quotation, backlog management, returns taking care of, and conveyance. This kind of module actualizes the functions of order placements, order scheduling, delivering and invoicing. Product Sales and Distribution Management considers the liability of making offers and deal with the conveyance chain to make benefit.

The fundamental point of any distribution and manufacturing business is to upgrade the business effectiveness and costs along with its supply network. Preparing client orders is the second basic functionality. Keeping up congruity in showcase supplies is critical for a business, Sales and distribution module of Reformics ERP empower your business get access to critical information at the moment, therefore, helping them plan proficiently based on the basis of demand, ensuring convenient deliveries accompanied with client satisfaction.

Advantages of using Reformics Sales and distribution module

  • Take care of the statement and request to money process with integrated approvals, discounting policies, pricing and even more
  • Accelerate the request administration process with the online endorsement and work process administration.
  • Join evaluating and marking down principles naturally into the statement procedure, empowering ongoing statement administration.
  • It reduces the paperwork and occurrence of errors as well.
  • Make the whole sales process faster and improve the quality and accuracy of proposals.
  • Resolve client queries and returns quickly to higher client satisfaction.

Key Features Of Reformics ERP Sales and Distribution Module


Sales Configurations

  • Customer Management

  • Pricing Matrix

  • Bulk Sales

  • Tender Association

  • Sales Promotion Schemes

  • FOC Sales

  • E-Way Bill Enabled

Basic Sales

  • Sales Enquiry

  • Sales Quotation

  • Sales Order & Schedule

  • Packing List

  • Sales Challan

  • Sales Invoice

  • Sales Return

Advance Sales

  • Sales Executive

  • Agent layer with Executives

  • Sales Indent/ Commission

  • 3rd Party Based Sales

  • Principal Items Transfer Pricing

  • Billing Notes

  • Turn-over Discounting

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