May 29, 2018

Purchase Management

Purchase Management Module has highly advanced features to reduce your purchase costs, compare your vendor proposals and close the deals faster. It also incorporates features for analysis of different stocks based on various history patterns helping the organisation in better decision making.

Reformics ERP purchase module supports the full range of procurement activities with optimized workflow functionalities to facilitate improved Quality and Quantity Management, Vendor management, Cash Flow management and seamless integration to the integrated finance module. Purchase module seamlessly automates the processes of identifying and evaluating potential suppliers, quoting based on the evaluations, raising purchase order to the best-fit supplier, and streamline the billing processes.

purchase management

Consider the hours and efforts that go into Purchasing: making following numbers, documenting orders, checking stock, making a buying history, planning with providers, etc. Purchase module of Reformics ERP can simplify a large number of these type of tasks via automating them and giving precise information comes about.

Purchase module of Reformics ERP can deal with undertakings, for example, purchase order writing and distributor execution following, among different procedures. You will also get the option there to create planned invoices to inventory or employment, as well as creating detailed purchase history reports which provide the regular reference to aid in making purchasing decisions. This concludes with Purchase Supervision, you can reduce investment/selection levels, improve on-time scheduled delivery, enhance your earnings, and increase your profit levels. It’s a significantly better solution than giving out of delivery tracking and distributor management to employees — a system that’s highly prone to human mistake.

Advantages of using Reformics ERP Purchase Management Module

  • It helps in entire computerization of Purchases
  • You can oversee minute points of interest for your purchases
  • It easily distinguishes potential providers
  • Distributor's quotation assessment
  • Billing process.
  • It can handle the Invoice and instalments administration
  • It easily refreshes the stock
  • Finally a quick and proficient basic leadership on the entirety of your purchase needs

Key Features Of Reformics ERP Purchase Module


Basic Features

  • Request for Quotation

  • Vendor Quotation

  • Quotation Amendment

  • Quotation Comparison

  • Purchase Orders

  • Rate Contract

  • CapEx Purchase

Advance Features

  • Purchase Order

  • Order Schedule

  • Bill of Entry

  • Rate History

  • Material Receipts

  • Purchase Return

  • Vendor Price Matrix


  • Centralize Purchase Order

  • Order Distribution

  • Partial Quantity

  • Material Receipts

  • Purchase Bills Separate

  • SEZ Purchasing

  • Import Purchasing

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