May 29, 2018

Production Management

Production Management module covers various features about the production execution. Keeps tracks of various WIP and Multilevel BOM creation.
Reformics ERP Software integrates all the resources required to produce goods and services with full control over resources.

production management

Production Management helps the expansion of organisation by improving quality and direct sales. It supports the 6M's of the organisation i.e. money, men, market, materials, machines and methods.

Reformics Production Management supports the whole production process, from thorough stock administration to dynamic replenishment, distribution centre management, production planning, costing and bookkeeping. The Production module is utilized to make process on raw materials for making finished goods. To make the production of things according to business necessities and store it in stock as a finished good to sales, is the activity of Production module.

Advantages of using Reformics Production Management module

  • Reformics Production Management module is very effective to reduce the manufacturing cost and improve manufacturability as well.
  • It helps to improve the speed, accuracy and reliability of appraisals for designed and built items.
  • It ensured the product quality with a centralized product information database
  • It tries to maximize production with minimum production code by efficiently utilising the organisational resource.

Key Features Of Reformics ERP Production Module


Basic Features

  • Multi-level BOM Creation

  • MRP Execution

  • Daily Production & Overheads

  • QC on Daily Production

  • Job Card based Production

  • Item Issue against Job-card

  • Material Returned

  • Item consumed Vs. Std. Production

Advance Features

  • BOM with Multi versions

  • Dynamic Product Costing

  • Job card Execution

  • Machine Allocation

  • Item wise Machine wise Capacity

  • Multi-shift production

  • Delivery based MRP Execution

  • Stock Order based MRP


  • MRP based Raw Material Details

  • Alternate Item Stocks

  • Machine wise Productions

  • Stock Orders Vs Sales Order

  • Std Consumption Vs Actual

  • QC for Production

  • Cumulative Production

  • Machine Performance & Downtime

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