May 29, 2018

Inventory Control


Inventory Management Module contains highly configurable material handling concepts which are highly flexible and covers controlling the fresh stock and rejected stock parallelly. Now manage your inventory efficiently and fulfil your production needs without any supply break.

inventory management

One of the greatest factors in income administration is the powerful administration of inventory levels since the stock is one of the biggest investments an organization makes. A good software solution needs to furnish you with up-to-date data on what's in stock, where it's found, the amount of it you offer, and when you will run out. Without this data, you risk stock outs and overloads which thusly can deliver mediocre client benefit and lessened productivity because of lost deals and high conveying costs.

This Inventory module of Reformics ERP is used for tracking stock levels, orders, sales and deliveries. This can even be used in the manufacturing industry to create a work order and a bill of materials for other production-related documents. Organizations use Inventory module to stay away from item overload and blackouts. It is an apparatus for managing stock information that before was for the most kept in hard copy form or in spreadsheets.

This kind of module permits you to properly plan your renewal orders. Your inventory volume must be accurate so when the signal to buy or make more is received, you have confidence that you need to do this. The inventory module of Reformics ERP allows you to categorize parts which help easily order the right quantity. 

Key Features Of Reformics ERP Inventory Management Module


Basic Features

  • Dynamic SKU Definition

  • Auto Item Code Generation

  • Unlimited Item Images

  • Stores/ Sub-stores Enabled

  • MRP Pricing & Bar-Code Enabled

  • Prorata Concept Enabled on QC

  • Dual Stock Unit parallel accounting

  • Landed Cost Calculation Flexible

Advance Features

  • Conversion to Cross-units

  • Fresh and Rejected Parallel Stock

  • Stock item control on Location

  • Easy mapping for Finance Module

  • Minimum Stock-based Indents

  • Stock Consumptions JV(s)

  • Manage Stock consumption types

  • Job work Process, Both ways


  • Stock Ledger & Statements

  • Stock lying with 3rd parties

  • Stock Aging

  • Lot, Serial No & Labeling

  • Rejected Stock Reporting

  • Stock Costing

  • Drill Down Stock Reporting

  • Stock Valuation Dynamic

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