May 28, 2018

Finance and Accounting

Reformics Finance and Accounting Module is highly flexible and covers most of the functionalities of the current era and supports upcoming features viz. IFRS & iGAAP parallel accounting etc. The number of configurations makes the system flexible enough to change the system behaviour as and when required as per the organizational needs.

Whether you operate a single company or are part of a multi-national conglomerate, Reformics ERP gives you access to real-time fiscal information based on your business transactions. The Finance module of Reformics ERP provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage your accounting transactions, the flow of cash management, fiscal regulations compliance etc. which delivers financial control with comprehensive analytics that gives you the insight you need in every aspect of your business.


finance and accounting

The cash related module in Reformics ERP gives money related handiness and examination reports for records, trail change data, general resource reports and quarterly budgetary announcements.
The bookkeeping fragment of ERP frameworks is, for the most part, characterized as including three noteworthy classes of usefulness expected to run the money related records for an organization – Financial, Controlling and Asset Management. ERP, for the most part, includes following centre modules: Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Cash and Banking System, General Ledger (GL), Asset Register/Fixed Assets.
Likewise incorporated into the FI class are the methods to post accounts, close the books for the month and year, get ready budgetary articulations including the monetary record and arranging capacities. Normally, the Reformics ERP gives the capacity to record forms, get ready reports, document certain information and roll out augmentations and improvements to the money related information as fundamental.

Advantages of using Reformics ERP Finance and  Accounting Module

  • Reduce cost and asset wasteful aspects
  • Gain better control of procedures
  • Enhance profitability, consumer loyalty, adaptability and control
  • Manage tasks from in excess of one office area (Dependant on your decision of ERP arrangement)
  • Improve correspondence and coordinated effort between all zones of your business.


Key Features Of Reformics ERP Finance and Accounting Module


Basic Features

  • Dynamic COG/COA configuration

  • Voucher Control- Copy, Cancel etc.

  • Excellent Detailed Voucher Print

  • Value Date Concept Enabled

  • Budget Allocation and Control

  • Online Ledger view and control

  • System JV Management

  • GST Mapping and Adjustments

  • Bank Reconciliation & Interest

Advance Features

  • Inter-branch Accounting

  • Selective Consolidation of MIS

  • Fx Gain/Loss coverage

  • Flexible Auto TDS system

  • Petty Cash Purchase Accounting

  • Provisional Voucher

  • Cheque Book control

  • Dynamic Cost Centre support

  • Schedule-VI Reporting


  • Payment/ Receipt Acknowledgment

  • Trial Balance - Multi-Mode

  • Parameterize Aging

  • Customer Payment Track

  • Expense Analysis Month-on-Month

  • Monthly Profit & Loss

  • Monthly Balance Sheet

  • Gross Profit Analysis

  • Flexible Budget Analysis

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