July 1, 2018

Reformics LMS – Logistics Management System

Reformics Logistics Management System automates and integrates the operations to deliver enhanced productivity and profitability. A Next-Gen solution, Reformics LMS is flexible and scalable to the growing needs of the business. Its multi-client architecture can accommodate inventory as well as purchase for multiple customers.

Logistics Management

Reformics LMS enables you to have insight into the entire shipment cycle and gain complete real-time visibility of the results. It delivers the automation you need to save on time, money and human resource along with sharing of data/information in an optimised manner.

Reformics LMS helps you to grow your business and ambitions. It is an enterprise level modular software that automates all the freight forwarding and logistics processes with Plug-n-Play ease. The LMS is built for your growth strategy; it can quickly and seamlessly integrate new businesses or business units.

Reformics LMS manages your payments and receivables process with advanced features and reports, from estimated and actual costs, through profit for shipments in consolidations to vendor invoice & much more. It captures all the logistics related master information related to the Consignee, Shipper, Airline Party, Flight, Vessel, CHA Agent, Voyage, Country Port, Salesforce, Container, Shipping line etc. It can easily be linked with our financial systems which makes your finance and accounting efficient and fully transparent. A/c Receivable, A/c Payable, Ledgers, Trial Balance, Daybooks, P&L Balance sheet, GST compliant vouchers and various other processes keep you always in control of your business.

Reformics LMS Scope


Key Features Of Reformics Logistics Management System

Air Freight

Reformics LMS Software provides all the air cargo shipment related various processes like

  • Console Entry

  • CAN Invoice

  • C&C Invoice

  • Delivery Order Note

  • Contract Wise Profit & Loss generation

  • Flexible charges on Consignment or Box or Weight

  • Single shipment charges with multiple currencies

Sea Freight

Hassle free fully automated sea freight shipment handling through various processes like

  • Bill of Loading

  • CAN Invoice

  • Custom Invoice

  • Delivery Order Note

  • CRM based business proposal

  • Flexible charges on Vessel or Tonnage or Volume

  • Single shipment charges with multiple currencies


  • Upcoming consignment tracking

  • Console Register

  • HAWB Wise tracking

  • Vessel Register

  • Executive Performance

  • File Wise Profit & Loss

  • File Wise Expense Analysis

  • Consolidated Party Revenue

  • Executive Wise Budget Analysis

  • Multi-Currency Outstanding

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Having a query regarding Logistics Management features or if you are interested to know more about Reformics LMS Software functionalities, you may reach us at sales@infimindglobal.com and we will get back to you shortly.