June 4, 2018

Reformics FMS – Formulation Management System

Reformics Formulation Management System is highly flexible and covers most of the functionalities of food, beverages, pharma, chemical, fragrance and ingredient industry. FMS helps organizations to manage formulas (recipes), material, packaging, finance, production and costing management with advanced calculation techniques. Reformics FMS is easy to use and cost-effective solution available over the cloud as SaaS or on-premise server.

Formulation Management System


Reformics FMS Scope


Key Features Of Reformics Formulation Management System (FMS)

Basic Features

  • Multiple types of Raw Materials

  • Ingredients/Base Creation

  • Quality Control Parameters

  • IFRA/Other certification Enabled

  • Classification of Ideas

  • Template based Project Teams

  • Formula Creation

  • Formula Version Control

  • Formula Sharing

Advance Features

  • Up to date Ingredients Information

  • Multi Pricing and Multi Selling-Name

  • Compare Multiple Formulas

  • Feature to explode multiple formulas

  • Access to previous formulas optimizes research process

  • Formula Library for FDM

  • Advance Regulatory check

  • User wise Formula Management 

  • Multi Synonyms for Items


  • Formula Share

  • Formula Price Fluctuation

  • Blending Request

  • Evaluation Detail

  • Adoption Analysis

  • Client Base/ Sample Tracking

  • Benchmark Evaluation

  • Application Task

  • Oil Sampling Report

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Having a query regarding Reformics FMS features or if you are interested to know more about Reformics Formulation Management System functionalities, you may reach us at sales@infimindglobal.com and we will get back to you shortly.