Reasons for ERP implementation failures

Top reasons for ERP implementation failures

In many organizations, the major activities like risk analysis, execution goals, cash flow system and analysis about the advantages are normally ignored at the time of ERP implementation. Instead, organizations focus on reducing the implementation expenditure, trusting that the new system will mystically change all the business activities and proficiency of the business.

Protect your data from ransomware attacks

How to protect your data from Ransomware Attacks

Nowadays the whole world is reeling from a huge digital assault in form of ransomware attacks influencing the systems and PCs. It is both disturbing and troubling development, as even after investing a huge amount into digital security, organizations are still powerless against such attacks.

Top Signs - When your business needs an ERP system

Top Signs that indicate that your business needs an ERP System

Each and every business is different. And it’s genuine that each business faces diverse challenges at various circumstances.So now the question is, how would you choose if and when to use resources or invest into Enterprise Resource Planning i.e. ERP and is it the right decision for your business?

AI Enabled ERP

AI enabled ERP – The Next big transformation in the ERP segment

To revamp their IT strategies the next generation of ERP technologies will have to integrate Artificial Intelligence(AI) with the ERP applications for better decision-making capabilities. Routine tasks which are mostly redundant and time-consuming operations in the end-to-end business models can be addressed using the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence.